Travis Ramosa

Hi, I'm Travis Ramos, a developer and writer from Texas. When I'm not sitting behind my computer, you can find me enjoying the great outdoors with my trusty companion Apollo (my oversized puppy)!

Should I Use Gatsby.js

Why are we talking about this?Within the past few years, a concept known as JAMstack has taken over the web development community by storm. So what is it exactly?What is a JAMstack?JAMstack stands for Javascript, API, and Markdown. Basically it is a web development design/architecture standard for building web...

React Hooks For Beginners

What are Hooks in React? React introduced Hooks in its 16.8 release, and with it came the ability to use more of React's features without having to use classes.This is not saying that classes are no longer used, or that they are becoming deprecated(at least not yet) so there is...