Rohith Gilla

Experienced Python and JavaScript Developer. I am a software engineer based in India who specializes in building exceptional mobile applications, websites, and everything in between.

Develop and Deploy a server less python application that updates Twitter banner in real time

Hey hope you are staying positive and testing negative in the pandemic 🙌🏻 Let's check step by step on how to make your python serverless application that updates your Twitter banner or you could do anything, this has a huge potential. We will be using a service called Deta, as their tagline...

Develop a RedwoodJS URL shortener application

Introduction What is RedwoodJS Redwood is built on React, GraphQL, and Prisma, Redwood works with the components and development workflow, but with simple conventions and helpers to make your experience even better, this is opinionated. To keep it simple, let's use the tag line which they go by. "Bringing full-stack to the Jamstack" Redwood...

Develop and Deploy a Blitz JS Application

Introduction Hello everyone, today we will be developing and deploying a notes app using Blitz JS framework. We will be using the following tools, resources and frameworks on a higher level Blitz JSTailwindRailway What is Blitz JS? Blitz JS is an amazing JavaScript framework that gives you a full stack web application, instead of...