Manasse Ngudia

IT Consultant | Software Engineer | ML-DL-AIoT Enthusiast | DevOps I adore developing innovative solutions . I have built and contributed to countless projects from the ground up and the best product is the one that people utilize. I have recently worked on implementing a Smart AIoT system capable of keeping a maximum number of people in a queue and directing people to less congested queues, useful in the Manufacturing, retail, and transportation sectors.

How to build a Nodejs Website using Adonis and Tailwind CSS.

Create a new project Using **npm init** or **yarn create**, you can start a new project. Let's get started on our web project right away. I gave it the name **my-website**, but you're free to give it your very own name. npm init [email protected] my-website If using yarn yarn create adonis-ts-app my-website Select **Web**...