Kavindu Santhusa

A Sri Lankan 17 years old student. Available For A coffee @ https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ Ksengine/posts

Dark mode with 1(or few) line of CSS 🌓

In this week I wanted to add dark mode to my blog(currently in development). So I searched and searched and searched for a simple solution. I am going to introduce my own idea. But later I found same 2 articles. But their solutions are somewhat incomplete. It's CSS filters Jump to final...

Write docz in 5 steps.

When I wanted to write some documentation. Earlier I had used Jekyll with Github pages. Then I had to create all the stuff by hand. Now I am going to introduce Docz in 5 steps... It's never been easier to document your things! Powered by GatsbyZero configEasy to customizeBased on MDXFully...