Bitmap fonts, React project for building Netflix app, CSS 3 animation plugin magic Effects and Future of software is HTML-over-WebSockets.

Hi everyone, in this news letter we will explore some best UI designs site, bitmap fonts, React project for building Netflix app, Future of software is HTML-over-WebSockets, CSS 3 animation plugin magic Effects.

Site of the week

neuf is a magazine site it is great work of showing how we can modernise web by awsome slides and text animation. This type of slides can be accomplished with GASP library.

2) Netflix Clone made with React, Redux and Firebase

Netflix clone made with advanced react, redux & firebase which uses redux thunk to asynchronously fetch movie data of over 30 thousand movies from Tmdb api. Features include a multi-active searchbar, user signup and signin, add to list option for each user, trailer links, dynamically generated movie and tv show pages and an interactive UI replicated from the original netflix app.

3) Bitmap Fonts

A large variety of bitmap fonts that is one of the famous choice in online gaming sites. A bitmap font is one that stores each glyph as an array of pixels (that is, a bitmap). It is less commonly known as a raster font or a pixel fontBitmap fonts are simply collections of raster images of glyphs. … Advantages of bitmap fonts include: Extremely fast and simple to render.

4) Table Tennis

Table tennis game by Amit Sheen in this examples we see two squares acting as a racket and hitting ball on their turn. You can change table size, speed of ball and much more by changing css values.

5)The Future of Web Software Is HTML-over-WebSockets

By Matt E. Patterson about growing popularity of single page app and web socket architecture.

The dual approach of marrying a Single Page App with an API service has left many dev teams mired in endless JSON wrangling and state discrepancy bugs across two layers. This costs dev time, slows release cycles, and saps the bandwidth for innovation.


CSS3 Animations with special effects, this library come with number of effects such as Bling, Static effects, rotate and much more. Magic effects have 7009 starts on github.

7) GreenSock (GSAP)

GreenSock is one of the popular Javascript libraries, with this library you can make high-performance animation. Check out their products.

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